Thick Mouth French Link Loose Ring Stainless Steel Snaffle Bit Size 5 ½ B005DR2XJ6
£409.68 £112.65
The loose ring slides through the mouthpiece and tends to make the horse relax his jaw and chew the..
Roma Rubber Martingale StopBrown B002D1HEUS
£381.87 £58.31
Roma Rubber Martingale StopBrown B002D1HEUS..
Grafton Loop Ring Wilkie French Link Snaffle B07CK8K5SK
£379.11 £95.14
Loop ring wilkie french link snaffle features Very popular bit for ponies that need some extra brak..
Shires Full Cheek Horse Bit with Waterford Mouth Regional Hospital B00I4W0ZV0
£448.68 £103.41
Stainless steel The Waterford Full Cheek Snaffle Is A Stainless Steel, Full Cheek Snaffle With A Fl..
Harrys Horse 41104109135Snaffle Bit Double Jointed Apple M B007K9S6OG
£404.00 £138.91
Perfect fit Reißfe Stück Stück hard-wearing Product Description The ..
Cottage Craft Liverpool Driving Bit B006PDCNMY
£458.54 £109.25
Suitable for driving horses or ponies Made from stainless steel Manufacturer's Description ..
Flexi happy mouth Plastic Covered Eggbutt Jointed Snaffle Bit Size 6 B005DR30ZC
£498.66 £175.26
Kinder then a traditional metal bit as the plastic covering is warmer and softer in the horses mout..
Sprenger DYNAMIC RS 4062613578Universal Bit SENSOGAN 78 B00KL085T2
£1,421.58 £337.77
Manufacturer: Sprenger Sprenger products give the highest quality standards and constant product in..
Hy Brown Pelham Roundings Billet Fastening  Horse/Pony Bridle Spares B00VV8N0DO
£257.34 £56.87
The Leather Pelham Rounding accessory converts the Pelham Bit from a double rein to a single rein b..
Grafton Continental Jointed Snaffle B07CMSPWDQ
£404.58 £83.83
Continental jointed snaffle features Standard nutcracker action wide mouthpiece Ideally used with t..
Sprenger Diamond Paste B002CWRFTS
£316.98 £70.52
Sprenger diamond paste features Cleans maintains and protects in one application Ideal for any Spre..
Slip Head And Cheek Piece Quality English Leather Suitable For Chifney 5/8 Wide Size Full Colour Black B005F4EX6S
£489.11 £166.61
Made from high quality English leather Used to fit a chifney or anti-rear bit 5/8 inch in width Sli..
£350.14 £126.23
LOOSE RING SNAFFLE BIT TURTLE ANGLED CURVED Loose ring with lozenge and tongue saver angled mouthpi..
Amidale Loose Ring French Link Copper Mix Snaffle Bit S/S German Silver Flat Link B00IKQZ3RG
£475.21 £65.42
Loose ring french link copper mix stainless steel and german silver the french link has proven one ..
Korsteel Rubber Cheek Guards B002D1C408
£295.44 £58.85
Rubber cheek guard features Stretchy rubber biscuits to protect the horses lips Can help prevent th..
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