6 Growing Taller Popular Questions That Can Be A Benefit To You

It’s common knowledge that when you go through puberty, you do plenty of growth.  Many do ask the question if it is possible to grow even after you have passed this period in life.  Here are six questions that people wonder about growing taller, the answers might benefit you.

1. Is it possible to keep growing after the teen years?
Naturally speaking, your body is finished growing at the conclusion of puberty.  This is usually difficult for many to hear, but the fact is that human growth occurs in certain periods of life: as infants to begin with.  The next major growing period is during puberty.  You can actually grow a few more inches after puberty, but you will see that the evidence indicates otherwise.


2. How does your body know how tall to grow?
The human growth mechanism is actually pretty complex, but gaining height requires a few things working together.  Your genetic information, as well as your environment, will determine your height potential.  There is a helpful equation that can be used to approximate this height: (genes + hormonal activity + diet) – stress = your height.


3.Is there a point you stop growing?
Everyone tends to stop growing given normal conditions at the time that you end your teen years.  This is the time that your genetics and hormonal activity have reached their max.  Your genes will have topped off in their activity to develop and grow, and the goal is to prepare you to reproduce.  After your body has done this preparation, your body has no natural reason to keep growing and developing (males at 18, females at 16).


4.Can what I eat help my body grow?
Your nutritional intake is crucial when it comes to growing extra inches.  You should have a diet which includes fruits, lean meat, veggies and a good selection of healthy dairy.  Be sure you drink about eight glasses of water daily, so you give your body all it needs to grow.


5.Can sleeping affect my height?
Your sleep pattern will definitely affect how tall you grow, though it really informs whether your growth is stunted versus adding inches.  While sleeping, your body will produce growth hormones; there is a correlation between how much you sleep and how your body can grow.  This means you will have less of a chance to grow.


6.Does it really help if I stretch?
There are a number of studies that suggest that stretching exercises help you in growing taller.  One of the most important things that these exercises will accomplish is to help you as you try to correct your poor posture, and this alone is capable of producing for you an additional few inches.




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