The Best Proven Way To Get Past Eczema

The Best Proven Way To Get Past Eczema

“Good morning students. We have spent weeks covering theoretical aspects of networking. Today’s session will be different, as we’ll get practical. On each table are 3 computer systems, Ethernet cable, connectors, crimping tool, and every other thing you need to set up a computer network.

Now I want you to form groups. I want three people in each group.”

A girl was sitting at a table alone; no one was ready to pair with her. The instructor glanced at his direction, shook his head with pity. In anger, he barked, “How many times do I have to educate you guys on stigmatization.

We have a student here infected with eczema, and you guys think the best you can offer her is stigmatization. Is this how we should treat your fellow students? I need someone to give me an answer.” He paused a little and continued, “Okay. I know what to do. I’ll have to report this to the admin…”

My name is Martha, and I used to be that girl discriminated against because of my eczema. Ordinarily, I write, only for money, but today I’m writing this article not because of money, but because I’m so grateful for being able to see the end of my problem.

The above is just a peek into the discrimination I used to go through when I had the problem. Some people will say, eczema can be easily handled. To them, that may be true, but to me, this is quite the opposite.

Handling my eczema was never easy. I know there are people just like me out there going through what I experienced, and this is the reason why I’m writing this article.

I want to help them get past the inhumane discrimination they experience every day of their life. In this article, I will share with my readers, a proven way to cure eczema, regardless of how stubborn it is.

What Is Eczema?

Eczema is not a single disease, but rather a group of them. This group of diseases is technically known as dermatitis. Dermatitis is characterized by itchiness, red skin, and a rash, and it is more common among children than among adults. Dermatitis is often caused by the reaction of the skin to some specific substances.

Some substance people react against, include nickel, gold, balsam of Peru, chromium, urushiol, neomycin, thiomersal, cobalt, formaldehyde, bacitracin, quaternium-15, photographic developers, colophony, topical anesthetics, isothiazolinones, mercaptobenzothiazole and soluble salts of platinum.

My eczema started out on my face, neck and upper chest; over time, it spread over to all parts of my body. When it first appeared, I consider it a mild problem, in the hope that it will disappear itself in a matter of time.

Days after I first took notice, I begin to realize that the problem does not seem to be subsidizing in any way. It got my attention, but I still sought no medical attention.

On a morning, when preparing for school, I looked into the mirror and saw my face. I was shocked, irritated and unhappy. Instead of going to school that day, I went home.

I alongside my mum visited a dermatologist who enlightened us about what was going on. He told us there were two ways he could help me; he said he could recommend some steroids or put me through light therapy. Not only did the dermatologist tell us ways he could help me, but he also told us the pros and cons of them.

According to him, my eczema has severed and treatment by steroids will take the time or will be ineffective. He also stated that light therapy would have been the best, but the dangers of this treatment are many and serious.

He advised us to go for the steroid option, which we did.

Ever since I used steroids against eczema. The product he recommended was expensive, but my parents had no choice than to buy it regularly. The cost tricked us into thinking my problem will be alleviated in a matter of time, were we right? Absolutely not.

The steroid never wiped out my eczema, all it did was to prevent it from itching and worsening. My skin was still red, and I had to learn to live with it that way.

Living with eczema wasn’t what made my life miserable, it was rather the way people treated me. First and foremost, the disease made it clear that I had no real friends.

They all create excuses to stop being with me. No one wanted to associate with, they all thought it was contagious. Do I blame them? I don’t know.

Every day, I felt pain, my pain translated into anger and hatred for people. I stopped caring about people and begin to learn how to be alone. My self-esteem suffered initially, but I took up the responsibility of improving it. All these while, I had given up trying to find a solution. I accepted I’ll have to live with the problem for the rest of my life.

One day, I was sitting alone on a concrete chair, watching birds fly and land on the field, something I started doing when I lost every friend I had. One of my instructors walked up to me and took a seat next to me. He asked if I was thinking about my condition. I told him no that I was only enjoying the sight of the birds.

He nodded his head and asked me things that I’ve tried. I told him about my visit to the dermatologist. He then asked me if I’ve heard of ‘Eczema Free Forever.’

I knew what he was driving at, and I reluctantly said no. He asked me to get the book; he added that he has heard people give testimonies about the book. Initially, I was expecting ‘Eczema Free Forever’ to be a clinic or medication. When he called it a book, I was sarcastic, and wish I could tell him to shut his mouth. I was like: how will a book ever help my condition. I told him I’d take it into consideration that was just to wave him off.

A week later, he called me and asked me if I’ve got the book, I didn’t say anything, and I guess he understood my thoughts. A few days later, I was reading when I got an email notification on my phone.

It was an email containing the PDF format of ‘Eczema Free Forever’. I had a mixed feeling.

I picked up my phone and called the instructor; I asked if he knew how I was sent a copy of the book. He said, “Oh! So you got it. I didn’t think the delivery will be so quick. Yeah, I bought it for you.

I’ve heard people say it cures worse eczema, and I hope it helps you too.” I thanked him. I read the book, and I was motivated by the content. I started implementing things discussed in the book that night I got the book. 2 weeks after, everyone was surprised I had my handsome face back. They started smiling at me once again.

I know there are people like me out there, people who are suffering from very serious eczema. If you are one of them, I wrote this article for you.

Don’t give up, and please try to get the book. It’s worth a lot more than it cost. This content was not written to promote the brand; I rather wrote it because I’m grateful I’m now eczema free and eager to help people who are still facing the problem.


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