Are There New Double Glazing Grants In 2018

Recently, there have been a lot of people asking if there are any new double glazing grants in 2018, from the United Kingdom government. The simple answer to this is no, but we are not saying any grant would not come up this year. The year is still young, so we can be optimistic as there may come, the introduction of new double glazing grants.


For those who do not know what double glazing mean, the following are a must-read for you. Double glazing is a system that is primarily employed in the United Kingdom to reduce energy consumption.


Double glazing is a system where all windows in a building have two layers of glass. In between the two layers of glass, there will be empty space. To people who do not know the benefits of this system, this will appear like a waste of resources.


Double glazing is a proven system that helps reduce the consumption of energy in the United Kingdom. About half of energy consumed in the United Kingdom can be accounted for by heating of homes, to keep them warm. Majority of homes in the kingdom are not energy conservant, and double glazing is a way to tackle this problem. Reduction of energy consumption is not only a great thing for the government, but it is also a great thing for people too.


About 5 years ago, the government introduced a grant for double glazing, but it was discontinued in 2015. The grant which was known as ‘The Green Deal’, was discontinued because there was a poor response from the people.


Since 2015 when ‘The Green Deal’ was discontinued, there has not been any other double glazing grant from the government. However, there are people who have figured out ways of getting financial assistance for the double glazing system.

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