How Great Is Machine Learning Portfolio Optimization



How Great Is Machine Learning Portfolio Optimization


Of recent, ‘machine learning portfolio optimization’, has been a buzz phrase. While this phrase is worthwhile of understanding, very little have good knowledge of it.


Machine learning portfolio optimization is simply the use of machine learning to optimize portfolios. Machine learning which is a subfield of artificial intelligence, allows machines (computers) to make ever-improving optimization of portfolios.


Machine learning is arguably one of the best ways to optimize a portfolio. This claim can be backed by the excellence of optimizations that have been carried out so far, by machine learning systems.


Does Machine Learning Portfolio Optimization Truly Exist and How Is It Possible


Machine learning portfolio optimization truly exists. There are a good number of systems available for the optimization of portfolios. This technique of portfolio optimization exists as a result of extensive researches that have been carried out by scientists.


Further Details on Machine Learning


Machine learning is a sub field of artificial intelligence, as stated above. This field of computer science is concerned about giving computers the capability to learn. The field supports artificial intelligence in that, it aids the creation of systems that can think intelligently.


Although, the field of machine learning is still widely considered very young, breakthroughs have however made it possible to create amazing systems. There are a good number of systems machine learning has made possible, and one of them is just portfolio optimization systems. There are also systems that machine learning has made possible, they include: fraud detection, web search results, email spam filtering, etc.


Note, machine learning is different from data mining and deep learning which are also fields under computer science. At the same time, these three fields are all related have some interesting things in common.

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