Review On Voucher Codes King All Information Needed In One Article


The idea of purchasing items online at discount, is no more a new thing. These days, we have seen the rise of a good number of websites that list other websites selling and offering discounts. These websites are what we popularly know as Voucher & Discount sites. Among all the Voucher & Discount sites available primarily to the United Kingdom, Voucher Codes King stands out as one of the best.


Voucher Codes King is a Voucher & Discount site which has been around for a while, and it is being managed by a highly experienced team. The website is well updated and organized. The website publishes discount codes, alongside with summary of individual code. Voucher Codes King also go as far as testing deals of third party websites, before publishing them. This way, users of this website can be rest assured that all discounts seen are genuine.


Technical Information


Voucher Codes King ( came online on December 8, 2013. The registrant is a Turkish man identified by the name ‘Ramiz Ogur’. The web address ( was registered with GoDaddy on a 5 years contract which is set to expire on Nov 21, 2018. According to Alexa, the website has a world raking of 5,624,041. It is estimated the website has a bounce rate of 63.60 percent, while on average, a user views 2 of its webpages.


Furthermore, on average, a user spends about 1 minutes and 16 seconds on the website. The following sites are the top 5 sites liking in into Voucher Codes King:,,,, Voucher Codes King has a very nice and intuitive user interface. Its user interface is very simple which results in great user experience. Lastly, the website loads in a very small fraction of seconds.

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